The solid foundation of Fidelis Real estate is determined by the expertise, experience and added value of the team. With us you meet honest and stable values and people. The diversity of the Fidelis team covers all important areas, so that your property is in best hands.


Angelika Schulz founded 2005 Fidelis Real Estate and has been active in the industry since 1990. As a trained real estate specialist, Angelika Schulz was able to gain experience in many areas of the real estate industry and thus has extensive knowledge to meet her demands. Whether it is normal property management, shared owner administration or the management of special property, Mrs Schulz has high quality standards to ensure that your property is managed optimally.


Bert Uhlmann is the master craftsman for the trouble-free facility management. With his many years of experience in the construction industry, an extensive network and expert craftsmanship, Mr. Uhlmann stands for problem solving and customer-oriented handling. Bert Uhlmann has been working in the company since 2005.